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In a MISSION of BLESS ( BENEFITTING, LEADING, ENABLING, SAVING & SERVING ), we are working for the goodwill without expecting any return but priceless blessing and feeling of greatness and joy of doing for the people irrespective of caste, religion or tribe to something good for the nation.

In 2011,by the great discussions, planning and prayers, BLESS INDIA was launched by the main suggestions quoted from brother Shibu joy and his wife Sneha Shibujoy. Whose initiative for strengthen and empowering the socially backward mankind. We know our tasks are vast but in faith we put our stepping stones by the grace of lord. Expecting donors from various countries are heartily welcome for a helping hand in this to contribute any sum for our fellow mankind.


  • Sponsor a child
  • Natural calamities
  • Housing the poor
  • Education
  • Employement
  • Chronically ill
  • Orphan inhabitation
  • Women empowerment


We strive to work with a purpose of helping the weak community and deliver a tangible or objectively measurable and socially useful benefit to the public or a sufficient segment of the public.
  • To offer humanitarian help for the people suffering various difficulties
  • To light up the mind of the needy to live in a good life status.
  • To set up an enlighten life for the orphans, abused women and children and old age.
  • To uphold the underprivileged children
  • Feeding the poor
  • To conduct health camps like blood donation camps, dental camps, eye camps etc.
  • To Help the handicapped


  • Benefitting
  • Leading
  • Enabling
  • Serving
  • Saving
SERVE THE WEAK (acts 20:35)
LOVE OTHERS (Mathew 22:30)

The bible reveals gods promise of purpose and plan only through helping others by concerning god which can anyone appreciate love and worship him. As a Christian we are commanded by the Lord Jesus, to serve others in a divine view point making, so gods gracious purpose can be fulfilled in and through our lives.



We raise the voice for more than 100 million population of india for their various issues and walk in forward for the under previliged children, the elders and orphans. We are set up to raising resoursesto protect the rights of the poor and needy people. In a country of 1.27 billion (current estimate) of population. We are putting forward our sincere efforts to uphold the peoples of below poverty line, orphans and street inhabitants.
  • Make understanding others the christ love
  • Releif from poverty
  • Advancement of education
  • Helping hands for women and old age.
  • Redeeming children from exploitation


Some of the problems can be wiped out through our co-operative help and contributions. Our activities involve:
  • Releiving poverty by distributing school supplies to youth who are poor.
  • Providing accomodation and shelter for the orphans.
  • Supply good food and hostage for the old age.
  • Providing the food supplements and edible goods to the street inhabitants.
  • Organising medical camps and supplying free medicine to people who are below the poverty line.
  • Organising spiritual lectures, prayers, and meditations under doctrines of the bible based study.
  • Assisting and supporting helpless persons during an emergency.
  • We are doing all possible help to upraise destitute elders.
  • Promoting health by providing counselling for youth who have been victims of physical or sexual abuse.
  • Preventing the substance abuse by counselling, workshops, and opportunities for healthy recreation to youth at risk.
  • Protecting susceptible youth from harm or victimization by operating after school programmes.
  • Promoting mental health and the prevention of suicide by a call centre.
  • Prevent drug addiction among youth by offering self help and peer support programmes.